Cheap High Speed Internet from the Leading Satellite Internet Companies

‘You get what you pay for’ is a popular quotation which pertains to customers who buy cheap items and services in low quality. They get what they pay for. Regarding the satellite internet, you won’t get worried about the quality you will get from subscribing to leading satellite internet companies.

Satellite Internet Companies

As long as you know the pioneering satellite broadband providers available around you, you will certainly get a high quality service at a low price. Below are some cheap high speed internet providers that will help you choose a satellite plan that suits you best.


internet2DishNETtm provides you the best quality satellite Internet and cellular services. They give you the best deals and the best value in services and programming not only for satellite internet, but also cellular services and satellite TVs. They also use the newest technology to provide the best satellite broadband and cellular service across many markets.

The cheapest satellite internet plan they offer is at $39.99 a month. This includes television service, 5GB data allowance anytime with 5GB bonus data, a download speed of up to 5mbps and an upload speed of up to 1mbps. The regular price is $49.99, but if you bundle it with satellite TV, you will save $10.00 every month, which is only a total of $39.99 as your official monthly bill.


Exede internet is considered the most powerful satellite broadband in the United States. It uses a technology called ViaSat-1, which was launched into the orbit in 2011. ViaSat-1 is the strongest communications satellite that brings a high internet speed directly to your home. The standard download speed is up to 12mbps and the upload speed is up to 3mbps. They also offer different internet packages which may suit your specific needs, but the cheapest plan they have is at $49.99. What’s more, Exede satellite internet is NOW available anywhere.


HughesNET has invested $1 billion in satellite communications innovation. They have been in satellite internet industry for 40 years. They currently operate the largest consumer satellite internet network in North America with their HughesNET services.

The cheap high speed internet they have is at $39.99 a month. This plan includes a download speed of up to 5 mbps and an upload speed of 1mbps. They offer a 10GB of data allowance monthly. Bonus bytes are between 2am to 8am. You can make use of the internet during the peak time, because it won’t add cents to your monthly bill. Plus, the data allowance for downloading at any time is 5GB. A live tech support is also free on this plan.

The regular price is $49.99, but you will be given a discount for your first three months. So, you will only pay $39.99 a month for three consecutive months.


ViaSat, a provider of satellite communications services, owns Exede Internet, the number one fastest satellite broadband provider in the US. ViaSat also owns WildBlue satellite broadband company. WildBlue was an independent satellite internet provider before ViaSat acquired it in December 2009.

WildBlue provides a high speed satellite internet for their customers in the rural areas of the US. They use ViaSat-1, too. WildBlue and Exede are operated by the same team of people. The question is that do they have the same deals and pricing on their satellite plans?

WildBlue offers you a bit lower price compared to Exede’s starting fee. The price is at $49.95 and the Exede’s cheapest satellite plan is at $49.99. The good thing about the company is that they give you a one-year of anti-virus software and a web space of up to 20mb. The download speed is up to 1.5 mbps, and the data allowance per month is up to 17GB.

Cheap high speed internet does not have to have a very low price. $49.00 is fairly good as long as it comes from the leading satellite internet company. DishNETtm, Exede, HughesNET, and WildBlue are the most popular satellite internet providers in the United States.

Why Satellite?

Satellite internet is an arrangement in which the incoming data and the outgoing data are sent from or arrive at a computer through a satellite. Exede is the best satellite internet provider because they utilize the latest satellite technology called ViaSat-1, which is launched in October 2011 into the orbit. It is considered the strongest communications satellite in the world. Other satellite providers have high speed internet connections as well at a reasonable price.

The price on a cheap deal plan ranges from $39 to $49 a month. However, there are other internet packages that you can select from many satellite internet companies. Visit their websites and learn more about their deals and packages.